Estimate and buying of cellars with the Cave des Hospices, wine shop in Beaune

You inherited a cellar ?
You want to make room in your cellar ?

Whatever the case, the Cave des Hospices is here !

Your cellar located just to Beaune (21 Côte d’Or, Bourgogne),offers the purchase of complete cellars.


Would you like to know a lityle more precisely the value of your cellar ? ?
Call on the Cave des Hospices. Your specialist of old wines, Francisco PALAZON,
will be able to determine with precision the true value of your vintages (wines and spirits).
Estimates can be made on the list, in the pictures or on site (possibility of traveling throughout France).


After estimation, the Cave des Hospices can offer you a redemption price for your cellar.
The advantage ? Cave des Hospices buys your complete cellar. No case by case, your dealer gets rid of everything and realizes all the handling part !.

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