Cave des Hospices, wine merchant near Beaune


Installed for 14 years in the heart of downtown Beaune (21 Côte d'Or), it is now and since 2019, in Allerey-sur-Saône (71 Saône-et-Loire) Cave des Hospices opens his doors.

A unique concept in the region, the Cave des Hospices is full of a large selection of wines, including old vintages, carefully selected from the cellars of private individuals or from renowned wine estates.

Francisco Palazon, your wine merchant, warmly welcomes you to his new store and gives you the best advice on choosing your wines or spirits.

Specialist Wine Shop Old Wines Beaune


In this new extraordinary adventure, Cave des Hospices has multiplied its capacities to surprise you and help you to find THE rare vintage! The move has pushed the boundaries with a shop now 700 m² (instead of 60 m²) with more than 25,000 references (previously 3000).

Caviste Spécialiste Vieux Millésimes Beaune

Redeemed cellars

Cave des Hospices makes an estimate,
buy your cellar and export its vintages all over the world.
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03 85 93 63 67

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Your wine merchant in a few points :


From Monday on Saturday
9 – 12am / 2 – 7pm

Do not hesitate to call before you move (Possibility of absences for delivery)


Our contact details

4 rue de la Boutière - 71350 Allerey-sur-Saône - Phone : 03 85 93 63 67 - Cellphone : 06 14 69 84 48 - E-mail: